Day 61: All Wrapped Up

Today was an exciting day for us – our house has now had most of its foil wrapping applied and is really starting to look like a house. We are really pleased with how it is taking shape, and how bright it is inside even with it somewhat enclosed now. I think that adding all the extra windows has really helped keep a lot of the light.

I can’t wait to see those upper-storey windows go in!

We have been told that the plumbing rough-in is going to be completed this week, and Hebel install next week.

The drainage issue from a few weeks ago has still not been fixed, and we Hebel being installed, I’m not sure how that is all going to pan out.

1 thought on “Day 61: All Wrapped Up

  • Hi Shane,

    Hope you are doing well !

    i am also building rochedale 33, and planning to appoint Darbecca Pty Ltd for the building inspections, i know last time you mentioned that you were going with them.
    how are you find these guys ?
    thanks for your help
    Kind Regards,

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