Day 1: Site Scrape!

And we have officially started!

It felt like forever, but today our site scrape was completed. Because there isn’t much required for our block (as it is already relatively flat), it was really just taking a bit off the top and flattening it out.

We had to ensure that all the weeds, rubbish etc. was removed as well as the few piles of stones and dirt left by our neighbour’s fence being built before the day. That took us a few hours to shovel away, which my wife was pretty annoyed about because these guys would have gotten rid of it in about 10 seconds – but hey, that’s what Porter Davis wanted…

The next day, we received a letter from our Building Co-ordinator to advise us that the scrape had been completed and to tell us who our site and base supervisors are.

Exciting times ahead!

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